Waterborne Paints

A bi-coat hydrosoluble base coat that produces solid, metallic, and pearllike colors that will later be varnished with a clear coat.

Cromaqua PRO


  • Excellent coverage.
  • The matching of smooth, metallic and pearled colors is guaranteed with specific tools such as the X-RITE spectrophotometer and the new color chart. Both form the PREMIUMCOLORS system.
  • Wide possibilities of application. The system has a specific range of products to suit different climatic conditions.
  • Total control of the metal particle due to the perfect choice of pigments.
  • Easy sanding. Painting defects can be eliminated.
  • Fabulous aesthetic appearance.
  • Great verticality.
  • Ideal for blending processes.

cromaquapro1CROMAQUA PRO is the logical evolution of the CROMAQUA twolayer water system.

The perfect color reproducibility, excellent covering power, fast drying and great verticality are the hallmarks of the product.

The system, created to adapt and evolve with the market, is composed of 68 bases in format of 0.5L and 1L.

In combination with the CROMAUTO product range it forms a perfect and modern equipment for the professional repair of the automobile.

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CROMAQUA PRO 3 unidades

REF. ColourCAP.
ASC 410 Green Yellow Green Yellow 0,5L
ASC 411 Oxide Yellow Oxide Yellow 0,5L
ASC-412 Orange Yellow Orange Yellow 0,5L
ASC-413 Yellow Yellow 0,5L
ASC-414 Brilliant Yellow Brilliant Yellow 0,5L
ASC-415 Hot Yellow Hot Yellow 0,5L
ASC-420 Orange Orange 0,5L
ASC-430 Transoxide Red Transoxide Red 0,5L
ASC-431 Oxide Red Oxide Red 0,5L
ASC-435 Rubin Red Rubin Red 0,5L
ASC-440 Orange Red Orange Red 0,5L
ASC-445 Garnet Red Garnet Red 1L
ASC-446 Brilliant Red Brilliant Red 1L
ASC-447 Tizian Red Tizian Red 0,5L
ASC-450 Purple Purple 0,5L
ASC-455 Magenta Magenta 1L
ASC-460 Red violet Red violet 0,5L
ASC-461 Violet Violet 1L
ASC-470 Red Blue Red Blue
ASC-471 Sapphire Blue Sapphire Blue 0,5L
ASC-472 Brilliant Blue Brilliant Blue 1L
ASC-473 Green Blue Green Blue 1L
ASC-475 Yellow Green Yellow Green 0,5L
ASC-476 Blue Green Blue Green 0,5L
ASC-480 Copper Copper 0,5L
ASC-485 White White 1L
ASC-486 Toner White Toner White 0,5L
ASC-487 Microtitan White Microtitan White 0,5L
ASC 490 Black Black 0,5L
ASC 491 Toner Black Toner Black 0,5L
ASC-492 Deep Black Deep Black 1L
REF. ColourCAP.
APC 500 Blue Pearl Blue Pearl 1L
APC 501 Reflex Blue Pearl Reflex Blue Pearl 0,5L
APC 510 Pearl Yellow Pearl Yellow 1L
APC 511 Gold Silver Gold Silver 0,5L
APC 515 Violett Pearl Violett Pearl 0,5L
APC 520 Green Pearl Green Pearl 0,5L
APC 521 Moss Green Pearl Moss Green Pearl 0,5L
APC 530 Medium White Pearl Medium White Pearl 0,5L
APC 531 White Pearl White Pearl 0,5L
APC 532 Fine White Pearl Fine White Pearl 0,5L
APC 540 Red Pearl Red Pearl 0,5L
APC 541 Fine Red Pearl Fine Red Pearl 0,5L
APC 542 Reflex Red Pearl Reflex Red Pearl 0,5L
APC 543 Orange Pearl Orange Pearl 0,5L
APC 544 Garnet Pearl Garnet Pearl 0,5L
APC 550 Copper Pearl Copper Pearl 0,5L
APC 560 Gold pearl Gold pearl 0,5L
REF. ColourCAP.
AMC 810 Lenticular Medium Silver Lenticular Medium Silver 1L
AMC 811 Fine Silver Fine Silver 1L
AMC 812 Lenticular Fine Silver Lenticular Fine Silver 1L
AMC 813 Medium Coarse Silver Medium Coarse Silver 1L
AMC 814 Satin Silver Satin Silver 1L
AMC 815 Medium Silver Medium Silver 1L
AMC 816 Satin Coarse Silver Satin Coarse Silver 0,5L
REF. ColourCAP.
AXC 110 Crystal Silver Crystal Silver 0,5L
AXC 111 Radiant Red Radiant Red 0,5L
AXC 112 Galaxy Blue Galaxy Blue 0,5L
AXC 113 Fireside Cooper Fireside Cooper 0,5L
AXC 114 Solaris Red Solaris Red 0,5L
AXC 115 Sunbeam Gold Sunbeam Gold 0,5L
AXC 116 Stellar Green Stellar Green 0,5L
AXC 117 Amethist Dream Amethist Dream 0,5L
AXC 118 Cosmic Turquoise Cosmic Turquoise 0,5L
AVC 609 Viola Fantasy Viola Fantasy 0,5L
AVC 601 Flop Additive 1L
AVC 602 Adjust Additive 1L
AVC 610 CromaquaPro Activator 0,5L


ADC 200 Slow thinner waterborne 5L
ADC 210 Medium thinner waterborne 5L
ADC 220 Fast thinner waterborne 5L

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