Waterborne paints

A bi-coat hydrosoluble base coat that produces solid, metallic, and pearl-like colors that will later be varnished with a clear coat.



  • Product with the highest coverage power.
  • Dramatic expansion at the time of application.
  • Optimum aesthetic appearance after product application.
  • Excellent thixotropy on vertical surfaces.
  • Ease of application.
  • Fast and flexible.
  • Optimal accuracy in color matching due to the COLORCROM system.
  • Result product of the most advanced technologies in the market.

CROMAQUA H20 is our system of waterbased tinters made for carsCROMAQUA H20 is our system of waterbased tinters made for cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles. CROMAQUA H20 does not use a rotary agitation system or warming system. Therefore, it is more or less already prepared while it is in storage.

The system is comprised of an extensive, but adjusted, range of mixing bases that are offered in different formats, 0,5 liters and 1 liter, with which it makes vibrant and metallic colours that are as smooth as pearls.

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Base solid
REF. ColourCAP.
AMSC 321 Trace White Trace White 0,5L
AMSC 323 Trace Black Trace Black 0,5L
AMSC 324 Yellow Ochre Yellow Ochre 0,5L
AMSC 326 Red Oxide Red Oxide 0,5L
AMSC 327 Trace Red Oxide Trace Red Oxide 0,5L
AMSC 329 Trace Blue Trace Blue 0,5L
AMSC 335 Trace Yellow Trace Yellow 0,5L
AMSC 339 Violet Violet 0,5L
AMSC 351 Tinting Black Tinting Black 0,5L
AMSC 357   Flip-Flop Controller 1L
AMSC 360 Trans Red Trans Red 0,5L
AMSC 379 Trace Magenta Trace Magenta 0,5L
AMSC 392 Blue Blue 0,5L
AMSC 398 Trans Yellow Trans Yellow 0,5L
AHSC 620 White White 1L
AHSC 631 Pink Pink 1L
AHSC 632 Cyanine Blue Cyanine Blue 1L
AHSC 644 Scarlet Scarlet 0,5L
AHSC 649 Red Shade Blue Red Shade Blue 1L
AHSC 666 Black Black 1L
AHSC 667 Jet Black Jet Black 1L
AHSC 671 Blue Shade Green Blue Shade Green 0,5L
AHSC 672 Mid Blue Mid Blue 0,5L
AHSC 690 Blue Shade Maroon Blue Shade Maroon 0,5L
AHSC 691 Yellow Shade Maroon Yellow Shade Maroon 0,5L
AHSC 693 Green Shade Gold Green Shade Gold 0,5L
AHSC 696 Trans Brown Trans Brown 0,5L
AVSC 721 Super White Super White 1L
AVSC 730 Amber Amber 0,5L
AVSC 740 Magenta Magenta 1L
AVSC 750 Super Yellow Super Yellow 0,5L
AVSC 765 Super Red Super Red 1L
AVSC 790 Scarlet Red Scarlet Red 0,5L
AVSC 799 Yellow Shade Gold Yellow Shade Gold 0,5L
AWBC 6120   Adjuster 1L
AWBC 6121   Pearl Binder 1L
AWBC 6122   Aluminium Controller 1L
REF. ColourCAP.
APLC 899 White Pearl Ultrafine White Pearl Ultrafine 0,5L
APLC 900 White Pearl White Pearl 0,5L
APLC 901 White Pearl Fine White Pearl Fine 0,5L
APLC 902 Blue Pearl Blue Pearl 1L
APLC 903 Blue Pearl Fine Blue Pearl Fine 0,5L
APLC 904 Gold Pearl Gold Pearl 0,5L
APLC 905 Copper Pearl Copper Pearl 0,5L
APLC 906 Red Pearl Red Pearl 1L
APLC 907 Red Pearl Fine Red Pearl Fine 0,5L
APLC 908 Russet Pearl Russet Pearl 0,5L
APLC 910 Violet Pearl Violet Pearl 0,5L
APLC 911 Green Pearl Green Pearl 0,5L
APLC 912 Ultrafine White Ultrafine White 0,5L
APLC 913 Graphite Graphite 0,5L
APLC 914 Gold Gold 0,5L
APLC 915 Orange Aluminium Orange Aluminium 0,5L
APLC 916 Super Orange Pearl Super Orange Pearl 0,5L
APLC 918 HS Ultraline White HS Ultraline White 0,5L
REF. ColourCAP.
AAMC 930 Bright Medium Aluminium Bright Medium Aluminium 1L
AAMC 932 Medium Fine Aluminium Medium Fine Aluminium 1L
AAMC 934 Fine Aluminium Fine Aluminium 1L
AAMC 938 Medium Coarse Aluminium Medium Coarse Aluminium 1L
AAMC 941 Bright Medium Coarse Aluminium Bright Medium Coarse Aluminium 1L
AAMC 942 Very Coarse Aluminium Very Coarse Aluminium 0,5L
AAMC 962 Bright Coarse Aluminium Bright Coarse Aluminium 0,5L
REF. ColourCAP.
AXCC 221 Crystal Silver Crystal Silver 0,5L
AXCC 222 Sunbeam Gold Sunbeam Gold 0,5L
AXCC 223 Radiant Red Radiant Red 0,5L
AXCC 224 Galaxy Blue Galaxy Blue 0,5L
AXCC 225 Stellar Green Stellar Green 0,5L
AXCC 226 Solaris Red Solaris Red 0,5L
AXCC 227 Fireside Cooper Fireside Cooper 0,5L
AXCC 228 Cosmic Turquoise Cosmic Turquoise 0,5L
AXCC 229 Amethyst Dream Amethyst Dream 0,5L
AXCC 230 Viola Fantasy Viola Fantasy 0,5L
AXCC 231 Arctic Fire Arctic Fire 0,5L
AXCC 232 Tropic Sunrise Tropic Sunrise 0,5L
AXCC 233 Autumn Mysteri Autumn Mysteri 0,5L


HTC 220 Fade Out Additive s 1L
HTC 270 H2O Thinner 2,5L
HTC 420 Basecoat Spot Repair Fast Thinner 2,5L

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