Cromauto has maximized the efficiency of this section. Developed with the latest technology, our compliant range of products in the CROMAUTO system are available in different formats, that makes the suitable for any situation.

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0,25L>12uds.; 0,5L>12uds.;0,9L>12uds.;1L>12uds.;2,5>4uds.CRH

CRH 15 Slow Hardener 0,9L
CRH 20 Medium Hardener 0,25L
  Medium Hardener 0,9L
CRH 35 Rapid Hardener 0,9L
CRH 42 Slow UHS Hardener 0,5L
  Slow UHS Hardener 2,5L
CRH 44 Medium UHS Hardener 0,5L
  Medium UHS Hardener 2,5L
CRH 46 Rapid UHS Hardener 2,5L
CRH 48 Ultra Rapid UHS Hardener 2,5L
CRH 50 Acrylic Hardener 1L