Acrylic Paints

Our versatile, modular, and rational solvent based acrylic system.


CromacrylCromacryl is our solvent based acrylic system. Versatile, modular, and rational, it has been designed to achieve finishes of different qualities and prices. This versatility makes it so that the user has a high product yield that is necessary for their success.

It is composed of 79 mixing bases (resin, smooth, aluminum, and pearlescent) that can make any color that exists in the market.

Cromacryl’s characteristics increase the value of the professional industry.

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CROMACRYL 0,5L > 1uds.; 1L > 3uds.; 3,75L > 2uds.

REF. ColourCAP.
CFBC-125   Basecoat Flip Control 3,75L
RAc-140   Engine Bay Binder/Tintable Primer Sealer 3,75L
RAc-170   Engine Bay Adjuster/Tintable Primer Sealer 3,75L
BMc-321 Pale White Pale White (Reduced Strength) 1L
BMc-323 Transparent Black Transparent Black (Reduced Strength) 1L
BMc-324 Yellow Oxide Yellow Oxide 1L
BMc-325 Trace Yellow Trace Yellow 1L
BMc-326 Red Oxide Red Oxide 1L
BMc-327 Russet (Reduced Strength) Russet (Reduced Strength) 1L
BMc-329 Deep Blue (Reduced Strength) Deep Blue (Reduced Strength) 1L
BMc-335 Medium Yellow (Reduced Strength) AMedium Yellow (Reduced Strength) 1L
BMc-339 Violet Violet 1L
BEEc-344 Super Red Super Red 1L
BMc-349 Blue Lake Blue Lake 3,75L
BMc-351 Blue Black  Blue Black 1L
BMc-357   Tone Controller 1L
BMc-360 Transoxide Red Transoxide Red 1L
BMc-371 Fast Blue Fast Blue 1L
BMc-379 Burgundy (Reduced Strength) Burgundy (Reduced Strength) 1L
BMc-392 Cyan Blue Cyan Blue 1L
BMc-393 Bronze Green Bronze Green 1L
BMc-395 Strong Maroon Strong Maroon 1L
BMc-396 Brown Brown 1L
BEEc-397 Fast Maroon Fast Maroon 1L
BMc-398 Transoxide Yellow Transoxide Yellow 1L
BEEc-399 Strong Yellow Strong Yellow 1L
PMC-500   Pasta Matizante 1L
RAC-528   Single Layer Binder 3,75L
BHSC-620 HS Super White HS Super White 3,75L
BHSC-631 HS Claret HS Claret 1L
BHSC-632 HS Lagoon Blue HS Lagoon Blue 1L
BHSC-665 HS Strong Red HS Strong Red 3,75L
BHSC-666 HS Black HS Black 3,75L
REF. ColourCAP.
BHSC-667 HS Jet Black HS Jet Black 3,75L
BHSC-671 HS Blue Green HS Blue Green 1L
BHSC-672 HS Fast Blue HS Fast Blue 1L
BHSC-690 HS Brilliant Red HS Brilliant Red 1L
CBDBC-694   Solid Colour Basecoat Converter 3,75L
RA-720   Basecoat Balancer 3,75L
BEEc-722 Bright Maroon Bright Maroon 1L
BHHSc-724 Pale Yellow Pale Yellow 1L
BHHSc-725 Basecoat Jet Black Basecoat Jet Black 1L
BHHSc-726 Orange Red Orange Red 1L
BHHSc-727 Brilliant Orange Brilliant Orange 1L
BEEc-730 Bright Amber Bright Amber 1L
BHHSc-738 Yellow Yellow 1L
BHHSc-739 HS Pure Magenta HS Pure Magenta 1L
BEEc-740 HS Red Violet HS Red Violet 1L
BHHSc-744 HS Speed Red HS Speed Red 1L
RA-793   Single Layer Adjuster 3,75L
CFHSC-945   Basecoat Flip Control HS 3,75L
REF. ColourCAP.
BPc-900 Pearl White Pearl White 1L
BPc-901 Fine Pearl White Fine Pearl White 1L
BPc-902 Pearl Blue Pearl Blue 1L
BPc-903 Red Pearl Red Pearl 1L
BPc-904 Pearl Gold Pearl Gold 1L
BPc-905 Copper Pearl Copper Pearl 1L
BPc-906 Pearl White Ultrafine Pearl White Ultrafine 1L
BPc-907 Pearl Red Fine Pearl Red Fine 1L
BPc-908 Russet Pearl Fine Russet Pearl Fine 1L
BPc-909 Pearl Blue Fine Pearl Blue Fine 1L
BPc-910 Pearl Violet Medium Pearl Violet Medium 1L
BPc-911 Pearl Green Medium Pearl Green Medium 1L
BPc-912 HS Blue Frost HS Blue Frost 1L
BPc-913 Graphite Flake Graphite Flake 1L
BPc-914 Gold Flash Gold Flash 1L
BPc-916 Super Orange Pearl Super Orange Pearl 1L
REF. ColourCAP.
BPc-915 Orange Aluminium  Orange Aluminium 1L
Bac-930 HS Medium Aluminium Brillant HS Medium Aluminium Brillant 1L
Bac-934 HS Medium Aluminium Fine HS Medium Aluminium Fine 1L
Bac-936 HS Medium Aluminium HS Medium Aluminium 3,75L
Bac-938 HS Medium Coarse Aluminium HS Medium Coarse Aluminium 3,75
Bac-941 HS Coarse Aluminium HS Coarse Aluminium 1L
Bac-952 HS Very Coarse Aluminium HS Very Coarse Aluminium 1L
Bac-958 HS Bright Medium Fine Aluminium HS Bright Medium Fine Aluminium 1L
Bac-961 Coarse Brillant Aluminium Coarse Brillant Aluminium 1L
Bac-962 Silver Dollar Aluminium Silver Dollar Aluminium 1L
Bac-964 Fine Satin Aluminium Fine Satin Aluminium 1L
BABDc-1081 SLM Fine Aluminium SLM Fine Aluminium 1L
BABDc-1082 SLM Medium Aluminium SLM Medium Aluminium 1L
BABDc-1087 SLM Coarse Aluminium SLM Coarse Aluminium 1L
REF. ColourCAP.
XIC-1121 Crystal Silver Crystal Silver 0,5L
XIC-1122 Sunbeam Gold Sunbeam Gold 0,5L
XIC-1123 Radiant Red Radiant Red 0,5L
XIC-1124 Galaxy Blue Galaxy Blue 0,5L
XIC-1125 Stellar Green Stellar Green 0,5L
XIC-1126 Solaris Red Solaris Red 0,5L
XIC-1127 Fireside Cooper Fireside Cooper 0,5L
XIC-1128 Cosmic Turquoise Cosmic Turquoise 0,5L
XIC-1129 Amethyst Dream Amethyst Dream 0,5L
XIC-1130 Viola Fantasy Viola Fantasy 0,5L
XIC-1131 Arctic Fire Arctic Fire 0,5L
XIC-1132 Tropic Sunrise Tropic Sunrise 0,5L
XIC-1133 Autumn Mysteri Autumn Mysteri 0,5L